Protecting your personal information

Terms and Conditions

1. Description of Service

ACH Advertising provides an Online Advertising Service ONLY. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you authorize us to list your vehicle for sale/rent/other on our website and our social media platforms for the sole purpose of advertising ONLY. This advertising is to generate awareness of your vehicle being offered for sale/rent/other. Where engine/chassis number and/or registration plates are provided to ACH Advertising for the purpose of MOWT Verified vehicles, this information stays on our Servers ONLY. ACH Advertising is not liable for any false information provided to us and we verify only the information provided. We cannot be held liable for any issues arising from a MOWT verified listing published on this website. 

2. Your Registration Obligations

By registering on ACH Advertising you give us permission to store and use your contact information namely Name, Phone Number(s), Email Address or other contact information on your advertisement listing. This information will NOT be divulged to third parties.

3. User Account, Password, and Security

Your user account is secured by your username and password selected upon registration. It is secured by encryption algorithms and has the backing of ACH Advertising’s site SSL certificate.


All listings are thoroughly screened before posting therefore we are confident that users of this website will not engage in any type of derogatory conduct including:

  • No use of obscene language
  • No lowballing of sellers prices
  • No inappropriate images to be uploaded
  • No negative and unsolicited commenting on our Social Platforms
  • No misuse of this website for things other than it's intended purpose
5. International Use

This website while accessible throughout the world, is tailored for serious use in Trinidad & Tobago.